Safe handling (storage and transport), Port and terminal procedures, operations management and training

Marine operations management

Ports and terminal control, Waterfront activities, Rig moves, HSSE compliance, SBM operations, contract management

POrt operations supervisor

Marine pilotage / loading master, Oil spill response, training and development conductor, contract executor

A COMPREHENSIVE resume of industry experience and knowledge

master mariner

Senior, Chief, Cargo, Safety and Security Officer positions held. Crude, LNG, Cargo, Product, Refrigerated, Multi-purpose shipping experience

Business & Project Management, Health and Safety Management, Integrated logistics, Maritime Operations, Oil & Gas Industry Consultants


Project management

Material, financial, human resource planning. Budgeting, business development and media response, demeurrage, cargo loss and claims

Health and safety management

HSSE planning and auditing (ISO14001), Incident response and emergency management, ship/site inspections